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Top 10 advices on how to write your CV

The first thing to do when you are looking for a new job is to have a good CV that will impress your potential new employer. Every element and detail of your ”professional and academic history” must be flawless.

Remember that your CV is the first impression you will give an employer and you must write it with the desired position in mind. So here are the top 10 writing tips to help you in your job searching journey. 

  1. Research, research, and research! 

Research your target companies and roles to determine exactly what skills and experience you should point out in your CV. Don’t send out the same CV and tailor it for each role you are applying for. It’s an important step and your effort will be appreciated.  Start your research on such big platforms like: Glassdoor, Indeed Hiring Platform, ZipRecruiter, Hired, Dice etc. 

  1. Steer clear of cliches

Avoid using terms and phrases like ”hard worker”, ”hard-working”, ”a great team player”, ”can work well independently”, ”good communication skills” etc. These words won’t tell anything factual about you to the recruiters. Use instead a few examples of the results and the successes you achieved in your previous roles. Bullet point the achievements of your work and experience.

  1. Keep it relevant and focused on your most recent position

Employers will focus on your most recent position to understand your current capabilities and skills. So you should provide plenty of details about your current/recent position and give brief summaries of your older roles. You don’t need to write it all out even if you have 2+ years of experience.

  1. Write in a professional style 

Your CV language reflects the way you communicate so use professional language. Construct your sentences properly, and use a wide vocabulary because employers do look out for mistakes and it makes you look bad. Also, you can use a spellchecker or a free grammar-checking tool to improve your writing or you can ask a friend to double-check your CV.

  1. Your CV length matters

On average, employers spend 5 to 8 seconds looking at a CV so you should keep it to the point. Around two A4 pages are enough to tell your career path without boring anyone. Cut irrelevant information and save details for the job interview. 

  1. Don’t leave unexplained gaps

Gaps in your employment will immediately make employers suspicious. Don’t try to cover them by lying because you also may land in trouble (ex. References from previous employers). Put a positive light on it, and be creative! Maybe you did a course, volunteer work, or completed a project and developed soft skills.   

  1. The truth and nothing but the truth

It’s not worth risking your reputation by writing lies in your CV and falsifying qualifications. Most employers will check your background and run reference checks. You will feel uncomfortable if you get caught at the interview stage or worst: lose your new job because you got caught lying. Sell yourself but keep it real!  

  1. Back it up with numbers and facts 

Include tangible figures and numbers to back up your work achievements and make an impact on your desired employers. Quantify your value and don’t just say that you increased sales or revenue. Tell them exactly how much, and in what period. For example, ”increased revenue by 40% over a year”. 

  1. Avoid silly email addresses

Your CV needs to reflect your professionalism at all times and the email address you include says more than you think. An email address like ”pinkbunny569@gmail.com” won’t create the best impression. Use your first and last name to keep your CV looking professional. 

  1. Your cover letter is as important as your CV 

Often, your CV will be accompanied by a cover letter, which is a short personal statement tailored to the position you are applying for. Your cover letter should include why you are the best candidate for this job, and why your skills and experience are fit for it. There are numerous sources where you can find templates to develop your letter. Just Google it! 

Bonus tip: Make it look professional
Image is everything, even when it comes to your CV. Use short sentences and bullet points. Make the layout easy to read, and keep colors conventional. Also, use a simple font like Calibri, Arial, or Tahoma. Additionally, you can use such platforms like My Perfect Resume to nail the perfect CV by choosing from several templates.

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