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The first Bootcamp by Careeraid: How to effectively find a job, CV review & interview simulation   

Careeraid, the platform that offers support to IT professionals from Ukraine, developed within Technovator, organized, on December 22, the first Bootcamp for all those who are looking for a job in IT.

During one day, the participants had the opportunity to learn tips and advice on how to look for a job, what aspects to highlight in their CVs, how to interact with potential employers, and how to answer the most challenging interview questions. 

Thus, in the first part of the Bootcamp, Olexandr Zlobenko, Employee Engagement Manager at MaxBill, spoke about the most important elements that candidates must prepare before starting the search for the much-dreamed-of job.

“Understanding your skills and what you would like to do is necessary. The next step is to prepare your CV and portfolio as appropriate. You need to have a LinkedIn profile, Djinni profile, analyze the market, available vacancies, companies you would like to apply to, etc., said Olexandr Zlobenko.

The CVs of the participants were analyzed in a workshop by experts Anastasiya Chornenkaya, HR Expert, and Elen Matveeva, Recruitment Team Lead at TechBrainJobs, as well as Olexandr Zlobenko. Each candidate received advice on how to improve their CV: what information about themselves to include or exclude, required qualities and skills, adapting the CV to the type of job, etc.

Alex Yemelianov, CEO at Hirin, talked about the effective ways to search for a job, such as search platforms such as Google Jobs, Glassdoor, and Linkedin, and the filters that can be applied to identify the right position.

“When you see a vacancy on multiple platforms, my advice is to go to the company page and apply directly. At the same time, when applying for a job in large companies, look for a reference person in the connections you have on Linkedin. Look for one of the company’s recruiters on Linkedin and send a direct message announcing your intention to apply,” recommended Alex Yemelianov, CEO at Hirin.

Yemelianov also mentioned that it is essential to keep track of the positions for which candidates have applied or intend to apply, through solutions such as Trello or Notion.

The Bootcamp ended with the mock job interview with Anastasiya Chornenkaya and Elen Matveeva. The participants practiced with the experts’ various ways of interviewing, attitude and behavior during the interview, types of questions, answers for awkward questions, etc.

”I learned a lot of new things and the practical CV analysis and interview simulation activities helped me to overcome a lot of the fears I had about the first interview with employers”, said Halyna, Bootcamp participant. 

Roman, another Bootcamp participant, said that working in the format of a full day is very similar to the usual work remotely, and it gives more understanding to the brain, that looking for a job is also work. 

”The day was planned, in fact, everything that was planned, I managed to get everything from the intensive. Special thanks to the lecturers who ran through the basics of our work – Jobs search is a work that we do not think about, but it is not difficult, and the lecturers gave us all the skills, that will help us find a job”, concluded Roman. 

”Thanks to the wonderful team at Careeraid for the opportunity to learn so much new and practical information about finding a job in IT in today’s realities”, added Anna on Careeraid’s LinkedIn page. 

Natalia Novicova, project manager at Careeraid said: ”We hope that the practical advice provided at this event was useful for all participants. And that thanks to these tips given by the experts gathered today, everyone will be able to find their long-desired job”. 

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The Careeraid platform for Ukraine is implemented by Technovator with the support of the European Fund for South-Eastern Europe (EFSE).


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