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Elena Pavlovskaya, 👩‍🏫 Mother of mentors

Product manager at Portside

Elena has 15 years of experience in IT and 9 years as a product manager for B2B products for different markets. Currently she’s working at a US-based company on one of the products for the business aviation market. Elena is also a co-founder of Product Management Community in Moldova and lea of mentors at UA Tech Talents platform.

Nicoleta Nagailic, 🤓 Geek for productivity, optimization, and results

Senior Product Manager at InVision

Nicoleta is building projects and startups focused on helping communities to grow and evolve. Her passion is the empowerment of individuals through education, mentorship, and networking. In the past, she had been organising events, coding schools, and training programs for IT professionals in Moldova. Also, she has worked on media projects like 3D animation movies, travel documentaries, and scouting – travelling to over 35 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe.

Corina Damaschin

Project Manager at Technovator / Project Coordinator at ATIC

Program Manager with 3+ years of experience in project planning and management, implementing strategies and action plans related to the development of Tekwill Academy and other national level projects related to education in the IT industry with strong communication and negotiation skills.

Serge Zanoaga, Screenwriter, Film Director & Producer 🎬🎬🎬 Rockstar

The Founder, Screenwriter & Creative Producer at

Screenwriter, Film Director & Producer. Running a Creative Agency Focused on Scripts for Film, Advertising and Music Videos; Commerial Animation Studio and managed shows department at TV studio.

Thomas Ruddy, 👀 Seer for future trends

Serial entrepreneur, UNDP consultant

Expert level experience in all aspects of SME development and corporate finance from the lab to the market place through stock IPOs. Sectors with high-level experience include marine, biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, ICT, innovation program management, technology transfer and commercialisation techniques, intellectual property, international corporate strategy.

Christyna Chemerska

HR manager in Zazmic Inc

Zhenya Rozinskiy

Entrepreneur, Strategic advisor, International speaker / CEO Mirigos

Helping companies solve their hiring challenges. Tangibly supporting CEOs, CTOs, Boards of Directors and VCs on key business initiatives. Mentoring and advising startups and service companies. Advisor and Mentor for several international acceleration programs.

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