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Since February 24, around 6.9 million refugees fleeing Ukraine have been recorded across Europe. In times of relocation, the certainty of tomorrow is now assured. Our goal is to change that.

Here at UA Tech Talents we aim to match Ukrainian professionals and  jobseekers and the tech companies. Our mission is to support the integration of Ukrainians into the European tech labor market and to bring back their own and family’s financial security.

With this mission in our hearts and minds, we developed a Mentorship Program that will guide and assist professionals to shorten their job search journey. We invited professionals across different Tech career directions to offer their time and expertise to those who are ready to make a step forward.

We believe that in just a few weeks we can help anyone land their desired job on the international labor market and this is how it works.

There are a few steps prior to the Mentorship Program to begin. In order to ensure the most accurate match of the candidates with their mentors, we need to collect some primary information about the candidates personal and professional background via the following registration form:

Later, we search through our mentors network for the professionals that will be most qualified to provide guidance based on several key aspects: 

  • Desired outcome: make a career change or keep the current profession
  • Desired industry for professional activity
  • The level of professional seniority of the candidate

After the match has happened, we set up an agenda of meetings and activities within the program for the candidate and send invitations for their first mentorship session.

Here’s an overview of the pre-program processes any candidate will be following:

Step 1. Complete the candidate discovery form

Step 2. The candidate is matched with a relevant mentor

Step 3. A guidance meetings calendar is set up

Step 4. The candidate is invited to the first session

Below is a description of what should candidates expect from the program, after their application was processed and they have met their mentors.

Stage 1: Choosing a direction and obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills

First things first. On this stage, our mentor together with the candidate will determine the direction of his or hers professional development and the desired outcome. As a result, it will be clear what additional training is required and the mentorship timeline will be set.

Stage 2: Preparing for a job search

On this stage of the program, mentors will help mentees in reviewing, adjustment of their resumes, will coach in interview stages and preparation for each of them, including behavioral interviews, top technical questions depending on the job profile. As a result, we see readiness to apply for the desired jobs or companies.

Stage 3: Job search

On this stage of the program, mentors will provide help in selection of vacancies and tips for finding vacancies, assistance in passing the stages of interviews, as well as will help in solving a test task. As a result, we see the candidate receiving an offer from the company and the mentee accepted it.

Stage 4: Adaptation to the workplace and passing the probationary period

On this stage of the program, mentees will receive mentor support via online calls or in text format related to communication with team members and performance during the probation period on the new job post. As a result, we see successful candidate integration into the company.

Ready to land your desired job? We are here to help you with that.

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The Tech Talents platform for Ukraine  is implemented by Technovator with the support of the European Fund for South-East Europe (EFSE).


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1st Step

1st Step


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