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Careeraid connects Ukrainian talents and hiring companies on one platform

The tragic events unfolding now in Ukraine have deeply shaken the world. Currently, over 7 million Ukrainians have left their country and are in search of security and some form of stability.

According to the 2022 Global Skills Report by Coursera, Ukraine ranks among the global top ten in terms of technological skills. To encourage more people to work in IT, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, has recently launched the IT Generation project to teach 2,000 Ukrainians basic programming for free. According to Fedorov, more than 200,000 Ukrainians applied for this program, with ninety percent of applicants have never worked in IT.

Understanding the urgency and the need to help, a team of volunteers launched Careeraid.co — a platform that aims to connect and engage Ukrainian specialists with tech companies across Europe and beyond.

To date, the platform provides professionals with the required tools to easily switch to a new career path in IT, contributing to their employment. Careeraid is also offering a tailored mentorship program that leverages a team of well selected and highly knowledgeable experts who bring great added value by taking an individual approach to every single candidate. Thus, the talents looking for a job can select one of the offers placed on the platform or, if they do not identify the job-fit offer, can register by filling in the form. The service is free of charge for the candidates so that they all can reach financial stability and get their dream job in IT.

Furthermore, on the Carreraid platform, we also assist companies to find the best candidates, who are individually screened by our dedicated mentors. In six months, we managed to bring together a community of companies, from across Europe, in search of great talents.

Mary Nemciuc, Founder of Careeraid said: “At the outbreak of the war, we decided right away that we must help. Applying our knowledge, expertise, and resources to help the Ukrainian talents get employed and grow professionally in the IT field was the best thing we could do. This is how Careeraid was created. And it was an honor to partner with EFSE to give the Ukrainian people the chance to find a job and build a career in IT.

Oxana Bînzaru, Regional Director at Finance in Motion, Advisor to EFSE, said: „We are pleased to team up with Technovator and Carreeraid to offer employment opportunities and job continuity to tech talents from Ukraine. All this to help them remain independent, and give them new hope, perspective, and of course financial stability. Only if we act together now, we will be able to help communities, grow talents, drive innovation and support the development of better and stronger societies. The war in Ukraine has only strengthened our commitment to fostering sustainable economic development and prosperity in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Neighbourhood Region.”

Taking into consideration our increasing number of candidates we are calling for companies to join us by filling in the form.

Halyna, a participant at the first Bootcamp by Careeraid said: ”I learned a lot of new things, and the practical CV analysis and interview simulation activities helped me to overcome a lot of the fears I had about the first interview with employers”. 

*The first Bootcamp by Careeraid was organized in December 2022. During one day, the participants had the opportunity to learn tips and advice on how to find a job, what aspects to highlight in their CVs, how to interact with potential employers, and how to answer the most challenging interview questions. 

Careeraid platform for Ukraine is implemented by Technovator with the support of the Development Facility of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE DF).


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1st Step


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