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8 Free Courses for Beginners to Get Started in Tech

If you want to start a tech industry career and don’t know where to start, we gathered some free course opportunities for you. All you need to do is choose the right one and start learning!  

Coursera is a global online learning platform where free courses in many languages can be found. You just have to create a profile and use the filter to select the subject, skills, level, duration, language, learning product, educator, etc. As a response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Coursera offers financial aid or a scholarship waiver for their courses. To apply, just click the “Financial Aid available” link on the course description page. 

Requirements: intermediate English.

Courses duration: from ”less than 2 hours” to 6 months. 

EPAM University Program is an educational platform where programs and courses can be found to help beginners gain in-demand skills in tech fields. Use the filter to find your training, and choose the format (face-to-face, online, blended), language (English, Armenian, Ukrainian, Russian), and level (prerequisite or basic). You can also subscribe for training updates if the training you chose is not available at the moment.

Requirements: The general condition is knowledge of English at the B1 level. You have to register on the platform, choose and apply for the appropriate training, and then go through an interview with a recruiter. Each field has specific requirements and an entrance exam you have to pass.  

Duration: from one to six months. 

Prometheus is the largest online education platform in Ukraine and has online courses on the most popular topics: from programming basics, Java, R, Python, and JavaScript, to Machine Learning, and more. You can browse through new courses or popular courses, and choose by topic and pricing (free or paid).

Requirements: The platform is in Ukrainian, but some courses may require basic English or knowledge of maths. 

Duration: from 5 to 10 weeks. 

The Click School Project allows everyone to change their career in the tech field. The advantage is that you can learn for free now and by when you get a job in IT. And you can start with their introductory IT free course about JavaScript – one of the most popular programming languages.

Requirements: The courses are in Romanian and Russian languages. First, you need to complete a registration form and then you will get access to the free IT course. Also, you will be contacted by the Click team for a short interview about the Full Stack program.

Duration: from 25 hours to one year. 

Projector Institute is a non-govemental Ukrainian EdTech institution that provides digital education in the creative and IT industries. The foundation set the goal to train 5.000 Ukrainian women, forced to relocate due to the war. On the Platform you will find courses in Mobile Design, Graphic Design, Motion Design, UI/UX Design, Targeting, NLP (Data Science), Frontend Developer, SEO, Project Manager, QA Engineer etc. 

Requirements: The courses are for female students only. To apply for a scholarship you have to prepare a letter of motivation and fill out the application form. The Projector Creative & Tech Foundation team will select students based on your motivation & understanding of the professional sphere. Also, knowledge of English at the intermediate level and above is required. 

Duration: from 1 month to 4 monthts. 

Ukrainian refugees or woman residing in Ukraine can apply to learn how to code with SheCodes Workshops, free of cost. The Foundation planes to teach 20.000 Ukrainian refugees. Also, they offer a free coding class, in which you’ll learn about what coding is and how coding knowledge can help you open up new career possibilities. 

Requirements: Knowledge of English at an intermediate level or above. You need to complete an application and the team will review it as soon as possible.

Duration: from 60 minutes to 8 months. 

The ”Basic of software testing” is a free online course offered by the QATestLab training center, that will teach you how to be a meticulous bug finder, create bug reports, test various software, configure testing processes etc. 

Requirements: Ukrainian language, basic english and a completed form application. 

Duration: 4 weeks.  

Yes, you can find a lot of free courses for beginners in IT on the online video sharing and social media platform. All you need to do is have good internet connection and motivation to learn. 

Requirements: Knowledge of English at basic level, good internet connection. 

Duration: from 30 minutes to hundreds of hours. 

Project Vibe is implemented in Moldova, for 30 Ukrainian refugees in Ukrainian language, during 4 months, starting from 26th of October. The courses, provided by Beetroot Academy, cover Front-end development and UI/UX Design. The first course started on 26th of October and the second one will start on the 10th of November.

Requirements: 18 years old, Ukrainian citizenship, crossed Moldova’s border after 24th of February, have a working computer and a stable internet connection, basic knowledge of UI/UX design or Frontend, possibility to pay 1000 UAH. 

Duration: 4 months. 

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