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Natalia Novicova
Project Manager Careeraid

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Simulated interviews

HRs simulating the interviews

Elena Pavlovskaya

Product manager at Portside

Nicoleta Nagailic

Senior Product Manager at InVision

💬 Interview simulation

Expert coaching and simulation for interview success

Our interview simulation tool is the perfect way to prepare for your upcoming job interview.

✅ This interactive tool allows you to practice and improve your interview skills in a safe and controlled environment;

✅ You’ll be able to simulate a real job interview, complete with mock questions and feedback on your body language and communication skills;

✅ By participating in our interview simulation, you’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to ace your next job interview;

✅ Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, our interview simulation can help you succeed in your career.

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HRs simulating the interviews

Thomas Ruddy

Serial entrepreneur, UNDP consultant

Christyna Chemerska

HR manager in Zazmic Inc

🧑‍🏫 Mentorship

Expert career guidance and support for achieving your goals

Our mentorship program is designed to help you achieve your career goals and reach your full potential.

✅ With the support and guidance of our experts, you’ll be able to learn new skills, navigate your career path, and make informed decisions about your future.

✅ Our mentors have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share, and they are committed to helping you succeed.

✅ Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to make a change, our mentorship program can provide the support and guidance you need to reach your goals.

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💻 Bootcamp

Our experts will provide a tailored agenda to help you geting employed

We will work on the following issues:

▪️ practicing interview techniques;

▪️ writing a resume;

▪️ creating and finding job opportunities.

You will work directly with our experts in group meetings to:

✅ develop a job search plan to help you successfully apply for the right positions;

✅ prepare you for everything from mock interviews to contract negotiations;

✅ connect you to community networks and share information about job opportunities;

✅ facilitate opportunities such as work experience or volunteering on short-term contracts.

Offering personalized support to Transform graduates, our career support team will help you with your job search, from writing your resume to preparing for interviews, ultimately allowing you to find your dream job.

CV review

Want to improve your chances of landing your dream job, our CV review service is here to help.

▪️ Carefully review of your CV (or resume)

▪️ Professional feedback and recommendations for improvement

▪️ Clear changes that will make it more attractive to potential employers


Interview simulation

Increase your chances of landing your ideal job with our interview simulation.

▪️ Simulation of a real job interview

▪️ Posibility to practice and improve your interview skills in a safe and controlled environment

▪️ Mock questions

▪️ Feedback on your body language and communication skills


Mentorship program

Achieve your career goals and reach your full potential with our mentorship program.

▪️ You’ll learn new skills, navigate your career path, and make informed decisions about your future

▪️ Our mentors will share their experience and knowledge to help you succeed

▪️ Support and guidance you need to reach your goals


100$ / 5 sessions

Who needs our services

Recent graduates

If you just finished your studies and want to start your first work experience but have more questions than answers – count on us. Careeraid can help you transition into the workforce and identify career paths that align with your skills and interests.

Career builders

If you want to grow and be promoted to a new position, Careeraid can provide you with the training and development opportunities needed to take on more responsibilities, boost your skills, grow professionally, and advance in your career.

Workforce returners

It is hard to start again after a professional break, but it is easier with CareerAid. We can guide you on how to update your CV, improve your skills, and identify job opportunities that align with your goals, expectations, and most important values.

Job seekers

You want to change your job, switch to another domain, or try something new. CareerAid can help you find a job by providing the necessary tools and resources, supporting you to define your expectations and how to best present your skills.

Unhappy professionals

You like what are you doing, but is just not enough. For real happiness, you need to make a change and get a job at another company. Careeraid can help you explore other career options and identify paths that may be a better fit for you.

Career guidance

Career development services can be beneficial for anyone looking for support as they navigate their career path. Our experts’ backgrounds and experiences will offer you a clear understanding of what you have to do in order to achieve your career goals.

Discover our mentors

Christyna Chemerska

HR manager in Zazmic Inc, Chief HR Mentor of the Careeraid Project

Natalia Zlatin

Natalia Zlatin

HR manager & recruiter

Elena Pavlovskaya

Product manager at Portside


A retrospective of our most significant stories

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Все ок. Том великолепен! Я со своей стороны немножко затягиваю, тк были определённые нюансы, однако надеюсь, что все будет ок! Я благодарю ему много чего пересмотрела, изучила новое, изменила некоторые взгляды. В общем, Том - это мой ментор на все 100%

Everything is OK. Tom is awesome! From my side, I'm a little late with my assignments, because of some personal reasons, but I hope that everything will be ok! I thank him for reviewing a lot of things, learning new stuff and changing some of my views. In general, Tom is my favorite mentor 100%
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Я думаю, что Янник хороший ментор) Мы поговорили 45 минут вместо запланированных 30. Это была вводная встреча о разных направлениях в сфере работы с данными. Пока я ещё сама определяюсь по какому направлению двигаться - Data Analyst или Data Scientist. По коммуникации с ментором в дальнейшем, мы не запланировали следующую встречу на конкретную дату, а Янник сказал мне просто бронировать время в Callendly, когда мне нужно будет. Отлично. Хороший специалист. Интересный собеседник. Договорились, что я буду время от времени ему вопросы задавать.

I think Yannick is a good mentor) We talked for 45 minutes instead of the planned 30. It was an introductory meeting about different directions in the field of working with data. For now, I still have to decide in which direction I want to grow - Data Analyst or Data Scientist. After communicating with the mentor, we did not schedule the next meeting for a specific date, and Yannick told me to just book a time at Callendly when I needed to. Excellent. Good specialist. Interesting companion. We agreed that I would ask him questions from time to time.
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Мы очень продуктивно с Вами пообщались, я уже нашла свои учебники по тестированию, спасибо, Вам за консультацию, что хорошенько расставили все по своим местам. На основе нашего разговора, приняла решение дальше развиваться в тестировании, пожалуйста, можно ли попрошу Вас о консультациях по тестированию с менторами?

We had a very productive conversation. I have already found my textbooks on testing. Thank you for your advice, which put everything into place. Based on our conversation, I decided to further develop in testing, please, can I ask you for consultations on testing with mentors?
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Разговор прошёл очень продуктивно. Евгений рассказал мне все пути и ответил на все вопросы. Мне надо сейчас подумать куда пойти, так скажем переварить новую информацию. Спасибо за контакт. Хорошего дня ☺️

The conversation went very productively. Eugene told me about all the paths I could go and answered all my questions. I need to think now where to go, so to speak, to digest new information. Thanks for the contact. Have a nice day ☺️

Я решил пойти на обучение программированию☺️ Надеюсь у меня все получится ) У меня договор со школой, если не получится - я перейду в тестирование. Спасибо Вам за большую помощь. Надеюсь на будущее сотрудничество 😉 Хорошего дня]

I decided to study programming☺️ I hope everything works out) I have an agreement with the school, if it does not work out, I will go to testing. Thank you for your great help. Hope for future cooperation 😉 Have a good day
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Все було в порядку. ми взяли типову вакансію і пройшлись по вимогах, відповідно це стало темами для самопідготовки. Я теж багато розпитувала саме про досвід Крістіни. ну і зі свого боку попросила створити щось типу роадмепу, щоб було більш зрозуміло і визначено як ми будемо рухатись далі.

Everything was structured. We took a typical job description and went through the requirements, accordingly, these became topics for self-training. I also asked a lot about Christina's experience. Well, I asked to create something like a roadmap, so that it would be more clear and defined how we will move forward.

У меня на сегодня отличные новости-меня отобрали на курс по QA в Словакии, он будет до 5/12; как раз смогу восстановить знания. И это все благодаря Вам! без Вас бы я так и занималась начинанием новых курсов, и никогда бы не вернулась к QA. Благодарю Вас!!!!!

I have great news for today - I was selected for a QA course in Slovakia, it will be until 5/12; so I can restore knowledge. And it's all thanks to you! Without you, I would still be busy starting new courses, and would never return to QA. Thank you!!!!!